Offerings next week are for the following causes:
Morning: General Fund and Benevolence
Evening: PR Special Ed and Heidelberg PR School
Nursery this morning: Kirsti K., Rochelle K., Keahna H.
This evening: Mrs. D. King, Ruth H., Alyssa M.
Next Sunday morning: Mrs. D. Kooiker, Jessica K., Sierra M.
Next Sunday evening: Kayla K., Allison M., Elizabeth P.
Ushers: For October: Blake Meyer, Jake Van Engen, Zach Van Engen
Listen to the Reformed Witness Hour every Sunday on KLOH 1050 AM at 8:00 a.m. and KDCR 88.5 FM at 5:00 p.m. Today’s message is “Contending for the Faith” (Jude 3.4). Next week’s message will be “Reserved Unto Eternal Fire” (Jude 5-7).

We welcome all visitors worshiping with us today. May God’s name be exalted as we worship together. The order of our worship service is printed on the back of this bulletin.
This morning we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Supervision is exercised over the sacrament, so that only those who are members of our congregation in good standing or those who have received special permission from the Consistory are allowed to partake of the sacrament. May we be made worthy partakers of the supper of our Lord.
The sermon this evening will be an applicatory sermon.
The Consistory has granted the request of Stephanie Miersma to partake of the Lord’s Supper with us this morning. Stephanie is a member of Hope PRC (Walker, MI) and is in the process of transferring her membership to our congregation. We welcome her to the table of our Lord.
The Consistory has agreed to take spiritual oversight of Eric Van Drunen (Crete PRC) while he is here attending college and has also granted him the right to partake with us when we have the Lord’s Supper. We welcome Eric and pray he may blessed with us while he is worshipping and fellowshipping in our midst.
The Consistory has received the membership papers of Joel Mouw who comes to us from Trinity CRC in Rock Valley. He has been received as a baptized member of our congregation. We welcome him into our midst and pray he may be blessed with us as we worship and fellowship together.
This evening Rev. Engelsma is scheduled to preach for us while our pastor preaches at Doon PRC. We welcome Rev. Engelsma to our pulpit and fellowship.
The Council presents the following nominees for the special offices. For elder: Jeff Baker, Dennis Burgers, Veryl Heynen, John Huizenga, Brian Van Engen and Marlin Westra. Nominated for the office of deacon are Dan Blankespoor, Paul De Roon, Carl Maassen and Tim Postma. Anyone who believes they have a lawful objection against the nomination of any of these men should contact the clerk of the Council. The date for the congregation meeting will be announced later.

Today: The Young People’s Society will meet this morning at 11:15. We will discuss Habakkuk 2:6-14.
The Jr. Young Adults’ Bible Study and fellowship meets at the parsonage tonight at 8:00. The text for discussion will be Genesis 4 (Cain & Abel).
Tuesday: Morning classes in Bible History (Grades 1–7): Lesson 7.
The FMC will meet here at 7:00 pm.
Wednesday: WEALTH will meet at 9:45 a.m. to study lesson 6. Lunch: Laura C., Lori H., Kristen D.J. Nursery: Jessica W. Upstairs helper: Kim D.J.
7:00 p.m. Heidelberg Catechism (Grades 8 & 9) Lord’s Day 7; 8:00 Essentials (Grades 10 & 11) Lesson 5, Q. 1-8; 9:00 Pre-Confession (Grade 12 and older): Belgic Confession, Article 13.
Thursday: Martha Ladies’ Society will meet at 7:30 p.m. Bible discussion will begin with Acts 19:8. Daris Van Bemmel and Missy Van Egdom have lunch.
Men’s Society will meet Thursday at 7:30. Discussion will begin at Colossians 1:22 and the Church Order, Article 8

Maria Korver is asked to write to Gary Brummel and Ron Kuiper to Derick Grimm.
We would like to express our thanks for the words of sympathy and other expressions of kindness shown to us after the death of our father and grandfather. We are thankful to God for the communion we enjoy with our family in Christ here. Rev. & Margaret Laning and family.
The congregation is invited to witness the marriage of Linette Groeneweg and Joel Mouw this Friday, October 23, at 5:30 p.m.

Doon PRC called Rev. Eriks to be a missionary to the Philippines.

Young People’s Society members are invited to Garfield’s Corn Maze tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. For rides/carpools, meet at church at 6:45. Bring $6 for the corn maze. Afterwards we will enjoy food and fellowship together. Families with last names starting with A-J, please bring a snack to share and K-Z please bring a 2 liter of pop.
The Young People’s Society of Doon PRC invites you to a singspiration on Sunday, October 25, at 8:00 p.m. in order to commemorate God’s work of reforming his church.
The Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School will be conducting its Annual Fall Drive on the evening of Monday, November 2. The drive goal is set at $73,505 with the first $46,500 being applied to debt reduction. Additional details are available in a handout in the back of church or at We ask that you give careful consideration to the ongoing support of our covenant Christian grade school.
The Fall Ladies’ League will be held at Hull Protestant Reformed Church on Thursday, November 5, at 7:00 p.m. More details to follow.
Sunday School Christmas Program: Please note our practices will take place on November 14, November 21, December 5, and December 12. The children’s participation in the practices was splendid last year, and the honor is ours as we prepare with them. Practice times are as follows: November 14 and 21: 1st-3rd Grade 10:00-10:45am, 4th-8th Grade 10:45-11:30 a.m. (no Pre-K / Kindergarten) December 5 and 12: All Pre-K through 8th Grade combined 9:30-11:30 a.m. Children who are waiting for siblings will be asked to stay in the sanctuary and will be supervised. All Sunday School teachers should plan to attend the Dec. 5 and Dec. 12 practices.
Please reserve Friday night, Oct. 30, at 7:30 p.m. for the annual lecture commemorating the great Protestant Reformation. It will be held at Bethel CRC on Main St. in Edgerton. Prof. Cammenga will speak on “The Reformation’s Recovery of Marriage and Family.”