MORNING WORSHIP – 9:30 A.M.            EVENING WORSHIP – 6:00 P.M.

Scripture: Acts 7:37ff                                        Scripture: Psalm 143

Text: Acts 7:55-60                                           Text: Lord’s Day 49

Sermon: A Martyr’s Confession of The        Sermon: Learning to Do God’s Will

                        Ascension Lord

  1. His Martyrdom                                              I. Knowing His Will
  2. His Confession                                                II. Obeying His Will

III. His Comfort                                                    III. Led by His Spirit

Psalters: 129; 58; 303; 183                              Psalters: 284; 103; 111; 391

Offerings:  General Fund                                 Offerings: Trinity High School

                  Benevolence                                                 Hull Evangelism Committee

                                                            (Disc #1154)

Offerings next week are for the following causes:

Morning: General Fund and Benevolence

Evening: Hull PR School and Reformed Witness Hour

Nursery this morning: Emily Gritters, Linette G., Ruth H.

This evening: Heidi G., Abbie K., Olivia L.

Next Sunday morning: Nicole Gritters, Mrs. B. Groeneweg, Julianne L.

Next Sunday evening: Rebecca G., Alyssa M., Sierra M.

Ushers: For May: Aaron De Jong, Seth De Jong, Brad Gritters


Listen to the Reformed Witness Hour every Sunday on KLOH 1050 AM at 8:00 a.m. and KDCR 88.5 FM at 5:00 p.m. Today’s message is “Why Go to Church?” (Hebrews 10:25). Next week’s message will be “The Pouring out of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:1-4).


We welcome all visitors worshiping with us today. May God’s name be exalted as we worship together. The order of our worship service is printed on the back of this bulletin.

We welcome Prof. Cammenga to our pulpit and fellowship this morning. Next Sunday Prof. Dykstra is scheduled to preach for us during the evening service.

     With joy the Consistory announces that Karmin Boonstra, Sarah De Roon, Nicole Gritters, Justin King, Ryan Kroese, and Blake Meyer have appeared before the Consistory to make confession of their faith. Unless there are any lawful objections, their public confessions of faith are scheduled to take place on May 31 during the evening service.

The baptism of Reuben Grady, infant son of Brent and Audrey Meyer, is scheduled to take place on May 31 during the morning service.

The baptism of Miles Eliot, infant son of David and Amanda Rozeboom, is scheduled to take place on June 7 during the morning service.



Today: The Young People will have a short business meeting at 11:15.

Tuesday: The FMC will meet here at 7:00 p.m.


Randall Kooiman is asked to write to Gary Brummel and David Kooiker to Derick Grimm.

We congratulate Hannah Van Maanen who graduated from Dordt College. We rejoice with her and her family and pray God will continue to bless her in the work the Lord has for her.

We congratulate those who will be graduating from our high school and grade school this week. From Trinity CHS: Karmin Boonstra, Sarah De Roon, Nicole Gritters, Justin King, Ryan Kroese, and Blake Meyer. From Hull PRCS: Ivan De Vries, Jordan Gritters, Ethan Heynen, Samuel Hoekstra, Jayden Hoksbergen, Lydia Huizenga, David King, Daniel Kooiker, Caleb Meyer, Alyssa Uittenbogaard, Brooke Van Engen, and Dallas Van Ginkel. We rejoice with them and their families. May our heavenly Father continue to uphold and guide them in the days ahead.

Let us continue to remember our widows, widowers, elderly, and all those who frequently, if not always, are unable to gather with us for worship on the Lord’s Day (Jack Andringa, Reka Andringa, Zach Andringa, Gary Brummel, Derick Grimm, Bonnie Hoksbergen, Catherine Kooiker, Minard & Cora Van Den Top, and Norm Vogel). Let us continue to remember them in our prayers as well as with cards and visits.

     Directory update: Paul and Cheryl De Roon no longer have a landline. Their phone numbers are: Paul – 441-1689; Cheryl – 441-3896.

The ladies of the congregation are invited to a bridal shower this Saturday, May 23, at 10:00 a.m. for Nicole Groeneweg and Haley Uittenbogaard. More information is available on invitations on the back table.



The spring edition of the Highland Park Review is available on the back tables today. Please take only one copy per family.

Commencement exercises for the fourth graduating class of Trinity Christian High School will be held on Monday, May 18, at 7:00 pm. The event will be held in the high school gymnasium with Rev. Griess addressing the graduates from their class text of Deut. 31:8. All are invited to join us for this joyous event.

Everyone is cordially invited to attend the graduation exercises of the Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School. The ceremony is planned for Friday, May 22, at the Hull PRC at 7:00 p.m. Prof. Dykstra will speak on the theme “Bless the Lord”.

Those who are riding the bus to convention and need lodging for Saturday and Sunday, please contact Jim Noorman at 616-298-0170 or

     It’s your last chance to sign up for the 2015 Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention. Registration ends May 20. Register at Remember to return all necessary forms to the address provided on the response email. If you have any questions, email or contact Heidi Pipe at 616-307-2827.

Trinity robotics tractor ride is being planned for Saturday, June 13 (June 20 rain date).  See the Trinity website or contact John Huizenga for more details.

The Hull Young People’s Memorial Day Pancake Breakfast will be Monday, May 25. Serving will be from 7:00-9:30 a.m. at the Hull PR grade school. Come enjoy a time of fellowship and a delicious breakfast. There will be a freewill donation in support of this year’s convention.

A Pop Can Drive will also be held at the Memorial Day breakfast. Please bring your cans to the church parking lot. If you would like to give cans but can’t get them there, you can call or email Nicole Gritters at (712) 449-5688 or to have the Young People pick them up. (Young People members: When you are not working your shift at the breakfast, please come over to the church parking lot to help sort cans.)

Bus Drivers Needed: Two full-time drivers, one part-time driver (an afternoon route), and persons able to be occasional fill-in drivers are needed for the 2015-2016 school year at Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School. Please call Carl Maassen at 712-470-1588 for details.

The Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School is in need of a full-time, licensed 7th  grade teacher for the 2015-2016 school year. Interested applicants can contact Loren Gritters by phone: 712-439-2490 (school) or by email: or Brad De Boer by phone: 712-541-4278 or by email:

The Psalm Choir came into existence to specifically celebrate the Psalms which God has given us in order to praise Him. In honor of this celebration we record a few psalms every year and make them available for purchase so that others may also celebrate and praise God through the Psalms. Volume 18 of Fitting Praises is now available for the low introductory price of $8. All proceeds from the sales are donated to a cause of our choice. To order online go to and pay by Paypal or credit card or fill out an order form found on the back table and send it to the address indicated.

     Covenant Christian High School Choir Psalter CD: Today is the final day to sign up for the new Choir CD, Search Me. The CDs are $10 each and include many favorite Psalter numbers sung by this year’s Chamber and Concert Chorale Choirs. These CDs will only be available to order for a limited time. To place your order, please sign up on the sheet in the back of church and give payment to Sue Uittenbogaard by tomorrow. Only orders paid in full can be placed.

Advance notice: The 2015 Reformation Day lecture is scheduled for October 30 at Bethel CRC in Edgerton. Prof. Cammenga will be speaking. More details will follow in the fall.

The Protestant Reformed Special Education Society will hold its annual meeting on Monday, May 18, at 8:00 p.m. (note time change) at Heritage Christian School. New members are welcome. The meeting will be live streamed at

Teachers and others who are still interested in signing up for the Federation of Protestant Reformed Christian Schools sponsored class, History and Principles of Christian Education, should contact Jim Regnerus at 712-470-0424 or by Friday, May 22. We still have room for a few more.