MORNING WORSHIP – 9:30 A.M.            EVENING WORSHIP – 6:00 P.M.

Scripture: Psalm 86                                           Scripture: Ephesians 3

Text: Psalm 86                                      Text: Lord’s Day 46

Sermon: Seeking the God Who                      Sermon: Coming to the Father of Christ

                  Preserves Souls

  1. The Need                                          I. The Reverence
  2. The Request                                                 II. The Confidence

III. The Answer                                               III. The Boldness

Psalters: 154; 40; 188; 235                              Psalters: 397; 326; 283; 73

Offerings:  General Fund                                 Offerings: Hull PR School

                  Benevolence                                                 Heidelberg PR School     

                                                            (Disc #1149)

Offerings next week are for the following causes:

Morning: General Fund and Benevolence

Evening: Trinity Christian High and Reformed Witness Committee

Nursery this morning: Mrs. J. Van Maanen, Louise V.M., Heather V.E.

This evening: Hannah V.M., Brooke V.E., Madalyn V.G.

Next Sunday morning: Ashley Van Engen, Abby V.G., Julia V.M.

Next Sunday evening: Mrs. K. Van Voorst, Rylee W., Shelby A.

Ushers: For April: Kyle Brummel, Derk Burgers, David Camarigg


Listen to the Reformed Witness Hour every Sunday on KLOH 1050 AM at 8:00 a.m. and KDCR 88.5 FM at 5:00 p.m. Today’s message is “Our Greatest Privilege” (Hebrews 10:19-21). Next week’s message will be “Draw Near to God” (Hebrews 10:22).


We welcome all visitors worshiping with us today. May God’s name be exalted as we worship together. The order of our worship service is printed on the back of this bulletin.

The sermon this evening will be a preparatory sermon with a view to partaking of the Lord’s Supper next Sunday morning. Supervision is exercised over the sacrament, so that only those who are members of our congregation in good standing, or those who have received special permission from the Consistory will be allowed to partake of the sacrament. May we be made worthy partakers of the supper of our Lord.

This Wednesday marks the end of another year of catechism instruction. Our children are doing very well in catechism, for which we give thanks and praise to our God. May our heavenly Father continue to cause our children to mature spiritually and to learn to use their gifts to the glory of His name and for the good of His people.

The Consistory would like to remind all parents to monitor their children closely in the parking lot area, and that everyone drive very slowly in the parking lot.

Collection totals for the month of March were General Fund $30,214.34, Received YTD $77,597.16, Budgeted YTD $68,625.00, Benevolent Fund $3,998.05, Balance $41,211.46, Building Fund $5,411.00, Hull PRCS $1,2601.00, Standard Bearer $370.50, PR Special Ed. $1,725.50, Trinity CHS $5,137.50, Genesis PR School $523.00, Reformed Witness Comm. $423.65, and Foreign Missions $459.47.



Monday: The Consistory will meet at 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday: Morning classes in Bible History (Grades 1–7): Review of Lessons 21-25.

Wednesday: 7:00 Heidelberg Catechism: Test over Lord’s Days 47-52; 8:00 Essentials: Test over Lessons 28-30; 9:00 Pre-Confession: Belgic Confession Article 37.

Thursday: The next meeting of Christian Fellowship Society has been moved from this Thursday to next Thursday (April 23).


FAMILY VISITATION – Philippians 2:1-18 Humility in our Lord

Tuesday, April 14

7-Mark Kooima                       7-Paul De Roon

8-Kevin Kooima                      8-Lane Brummel

9-Steve Kooima                       9-Dennis Burgers



Caleb Groeneweg is asked to write to Gary Brummel and Jessica Kooima to Derick Grimm.

We rejoice with Brent and Audrey Meyer who were blessed on Thursday night with the birth of a baby boy, Reubin Grady. He was born about a month early by C-section. Audrey and Reubin are both doing well. We thank God for the gift of another covenant child.

Nelson Oostra’s gall-bladder surgery went well this past Thursday, and he returned home the same day.

Update from Lane & Tricia: Tricia had her scans on Wednesday, and we found there are a few spots on the liver that have returned. They are spots they found in March of 2013 but had cleared up with previous treatment and have now returned. So at this point she will be stopping her current chemo treatments. We will be discussing new treatment options in the next couple weeks. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the congregation for their continued love and support for our family as we continue in this trial. We covet the communion of the saints that we experience and everyone’s love and prayers. We would like to thank Rev. Laning for his visits as well.

     Hillie Hoekstra is scheduled to have a port inserted at Avera Hospital in Sioux Falls on Tuesday with chemo treatments starting the next day on Wednesday. The plan is for her to have three sets of three weeks of chemo with a week off in between the sets. There would be a CT scan after that. Surgery will not be possible due to the location of the tumor.


Let us continue to remember these saints and their families in our prayers. For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me. (Psalm 31:3)

Let us continue to remember also our widows, widowers, elderly, and all those who frequently, if not always, are unable to gather with us for worship on the Lord’s Day (Jack Andringa, Zach Andringa, Gary Brummel, Derick Grimm, Bonnie Hoksbergen, Catherine Kooiker, Minard & Cora Van Den Top, and Norm Vogel). Let us continue to remember them in our prayers, as well as with cards and visits.



Our Young People’s Society invites everyone to their Resurrection Singspiration tonight at 7:50 p.m. here in Hull PRC.

HPRCS Collection Report for April 2015: The current offering total is $143,742.28 of the $156,593.75 budgeted ($12,851.47 shortfall).

Hull Protestant Reformed Christian School is still in need of several bus drivers for the 2015-2016 school year. Because of planning and preparation necessities, willing persons need to be identified soon. Possibilities include driving only mornings or afternoons. Please call Carl Maassen at 712-470-1588.

     The spring Ladies’ League will be held at 7:00 p.m. on April 22 at Calvary PRC. Pastor Griess will speak on the topic “How did we get here?”

Trinity Christian’s and Covenant Christian’s bands will be presenting a program on Thursday, April 16, at 7:00 p.m. in Trinity’s gymnasium.  Both bands will play their own numbers, and the evening will end with both bands joining together for a few numbers.  Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet; praise Him with the psaltery and harp.

Arrangements are being made for a bus to take the area young people to convention this summer. They will travel to Michigan on Saturday the 8th and return to Hull Friday the 14th. For questions or to reserve a seat, please contact Paul at 712-441-1689 or

If you haven’t registered for the 2015 Protestant Reformed Young People’s Convention, now’s the time! You can register at Registration ends May 20. Remember to return all necessary forms to the address provided on the response email. If you have any questions, email or contact Heidi Pipe at 616-307-2827.

Attention Young People Conventioneers: Check out the discussion group and devotional materials for the upcoming 2015 PRYP convention. These materials can be found on the convention website ( under the Chaperones link and at the Young Calvinists’ website ( under the Resources section.

The Steering Committee for a 2016 Young Adults’ Retreat in the NW Iowa area being hosted by Calvary PRC is looking for volunteers of all ages to help plan the retreat. Our first meeting is Tuesday, April 14, at 7:00 p.m. at Calvary PRC.  Please email Ashley Van Maanen at if you are interested.

CCHS Choir’s new Psalter CD entitled Search Me will become available soon! Watch for an announcement in your bulletins in the coming weeks for how you can place an order!

We recognize that our Protestant Reformed schools are not public schools, but what do we say above the governance of our schools when we emphasize that they are parental and not parochial? Find out this and more at the History and Principles of Reformed Education class held from May 26 to June 5 at Trinity Christian High School.

Edmonton PRC YA Retreat 2015: Lord willing, the Edmonton PRC Young Adults’ Society will be hosting a retreat from Tuesday to Friday, August 4-7, 2015, on the theme “Knowing God even as we are known.” Speakers will be Rev. Marcus and Rev. T. Miersma. Registration will open at midnight on April 13. Registration forms will be available at For more information, email us at or ask about joining our Facebook page.

The 1960’s were years of challenges to the infallibility and inspiration of Scripture. These attacks were precipitated by the increasingly popular history of evolution, which was making inroads into Reformed churches and schools. In contradiction to this creeping heresy and in
unequivocal defense of the doctrine of Scripture, the Reformed Free Publishing Association published In the Beginning God by Homer C. Hoeksema. It was originally published in 1966 with a second printing in 1974. This book has been out of print for over 20 years.  Since then the conflict between creation and evolution has intensified, and the doctrine of Scripture is increasingly compromised, even in historically Reformed churches and schools. The RFPA is pleased to republish this 2nd edition explanation and defense of these timeless truths. Book Club members pick up your book in the Fellowship Hall. Anyone interested in joining the RFPA Book Club and purchasing this book or any of the RFPA books can contact Betty Kooiker, Book Club agent.

Special Education Deficit Drive: With grateful hearts, the Special Education board reports that our Fall Deficit Drive collected $83,250 toward our approved budgeted goal of $200,000. Our Spring Deficit Drive will be seeking to make up the $116,750 shortfall. We ask that you prayerfully consider helping support Protestant Reformed Resource Rooms and Special Education programs across the country by helping us meet this goal. These funds make these programs possible.